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Question: Can you safely walk on a steel roof without damaging the tiles?
Answer: Yes, If you walk reasonably carefully on the truss sections of the roof to which upturned and downturn edges of alternate tiles are secured.  If you walk on the ‘body’ of the tile, between the truss support, you may (though not necessarily) expose the walked on area to damage.
Question: Do steel roofing tiles provide protection against UV Rays in areas with extreme sunlight during most of the year?
Answer: Yes. The stone chip finish of ETile tiles are ceramically glazed with artificially coloured silicates fired in an oven at 1100 degrees C. This ceramic process gives the tile far greater colour stability against extended periods of extreme sunlight that can be normally obtained (on concrete and slate tiles) that use a dye formula or an acrylic paint alone.  The final resin coating contains an inhibitor to protect against ultra-violet rays.
Question: How environmentally friendly are ETile tiles?
Answer: ETile tiles are constructed from strengthened steel galvanized at a thickness of 275 grams per metre.  Steel is the most recycled material in the world.  On average, up to 35% of the steel content of Eurotile tiles originate from recylced steel.  At the end of its life cycle, Eurotile tiles are also suitable for recycling.

As mentioned in the cost-saving analysis, the light weight nature of ETile tiles has a chain-link effect on the use of a range of resources including but not limited to the use of far less fossil fuels and emissions for sire deliveries vs. fossil fuel emissions in relation to the site deliveries of concrete or slate tiles.

Question: What is the quality of ETile acoustic and thermal insulation capabilities to concrete and slate tiles?
Answer: ETile tiles are subject to a proprietary system which uses various phosphate based solutions that completely eradicate any possible rust or corrosion. To the extent that Eurotile tiles ma be cut with angle grinders to fit the edge roof. We will supply the same specially formulated paint used at the Eurotile factory for the body of the tile to ‘touch up’ cut edges.  This paint contains the same rust inhibiting elements that are applied to the body of all Eurotile tiles.
ETile would gladly appreciate an opportunity to forward you samples of our products with quotations according to your specific requirements.